You're FIRED" ! 7.11.20

The great many who had not voted in years, or had never voted, or really even cared anymore about the presidency or the convoluted evening news politics…. heard a new voice in the crowd during the late summer of 2015.

It was the promises… stop ISIS, stop illegal immigration, help the veterans, bring home the troops, bring back the industry, stop China, get the economy back on track, abortion, lock her up ! Iran nuclear, the Paris accord, NAFTA, the UN, NATO, out with the Clinton’s, build the wall, fix Medicare, end DACA, and a lot more ! but, the best of all… was Drain the swamp ! Trump was that new voice saying (promising) all the right stuff (MAGA) What’s not to like ? pull the lever.

Then came the backlash and vindictiveness, lies, corruption, investigations, and personal insults... designed to eat time, slow down, challenge and throttle accomplishing those goals Intel leaks, Meuller, Comey, impeachment, Kavanaugh, fake news media, Obama judges reversing things... then COVID.

Of course there was a “lot” more… but after those never-ending truck, boat, and huge 30,000 people rallies, and a summer of fore-warning us about the upcoming election mail in voting fraud, and Biden/China and Harris/Socialism, it finally "was" election day, 3 November, 2020.

Even though the hated opposition are fomenting Socialism, pro abortion, open border-full immigration, gun control, cozying up to Iran and China, loving Obamacare, and their Green New Dea, plus, their BLM/ANTIFA Look-away, the Democrats had a pair of hide out candidates who were obscure, senile, radically left, with a slew of disquised Socialistic policies that are peculiar.

It all ended in a debacle (with Biden the “apparent” Preidential winner), but the point I want to make is that “generally” speaking (fraud, corruption, cheating, recountings and law suits aside) this was a “somewhat” very close race… when this should have been a lopsided DemocRAT thrashing, and, never-ever needing to even think about recounts, or doing damage control and ever possibly “LOSING” (which may yet very well happen) ... so, "how" did this happen ?

Lets go back to the 2015 “promises”... where "is" that “action” ? the Drain the swamp ? what in-house cleaning "was" done ? how about the promised intel leaks prosecutions ? what retaliatory action has gone into the media tilting, falsities damage and lying? , what was ever "don" to the Clintons ? the tapes, or about the 2016 election pandering, the FBI and DOJ collusion and prosecutions, or about anyone involved in the fake court papers and FISA reports that fed Meuller, and, how about the Meuller team itself, or the impeachment retaliation and follow-up of admonishment that should ae been folow-up ? the Obama and Biden 2016 "pre"-election/and campaign antics, and best of all... "what" up front voting fraud prep was done "before" this election ? when it was well known for many months what was going to happen, where was the plan for an antidote preparation and preventative, and "gotcha" safeguards ?

Although there was a tremendous amount of good, and great achievements made during these past 4 Trump years, more than by any previous president, ever… he may lose this election due to his lack of knowing how to “win”, although “winning” has been used by Trump as a key word since 2015 … he is not a winner as professed, and here is why...

The corporate, political, sports, finance, manufacturing, military, scientific and matters-of-the-heart worlds are all win or lose arena sports, their similarity lies in whoever ends up the winner, gets the spoils. But, it is not an “Art of the Deal” world, it is a competitive world.

There is a vast and immensely different mentality, and moral skill set in being "competitive" that most are totally unaware of… politics play in heavily in both, but, a "deal"requires agreement, competition only allows “winning”, hence the rules, skills and mind set differences.

As you read about in my earlier "Disturbing Truth" article, Winning (like deal-making) begins with arrogant self confidence and your being in peak condition (physically, equipment-wise, knowledge about your competition and psyche/imagery/showmanship hype), but, people leave the table, walk away and can return in deal making…. In winning, they are destroyed, crippled, buried, and never return to the game, it’s called “destroying”.

Winning is brutal, nasty, schemed, and executed by dirty, unscrupulous, immoral, and well thought out designing, rule bending, the terms "winning" or"losing" are never actually used, “destroyed” supplants it. Winning has the futuristic “staying on top” also in mind, so the win must devastate, disembowel, and “destroy” the competition ... (no, make a deal with it), so that the win is absolute, continued, and long lived.

Had Donald Trump been a “winner” his rage, anger, and viciousness (as a winner) would have been applied to “EVERY” adversary, every opponent, every insulter, every neersayer, and every hidden mole, in-house leaker, and non-team player in the Whitehouse, on the team, or on the playing field , and all of their offspring and cohorts (AKA the swamp and media), until they were extinguished, and unable to return.

As it works out, on 7 November, CNN, MSNBC, and the Associated Press called the election for Biden at 11:28 a.m., Fox News followed suit at 11:40 a.m.

with the election results now a full month away from being declared legally, and with al of the recounting and legality up in the air, we now see many Republicans jumping shpi early, making anti-trump comments, and doing full turn coat antics, the fake media is gaining more and more anti-Trump outlets, and the state and Washington based swamp creatures are all crawling out of their sewers… it is an overwhelm of Biden/Harris support…even foreign countries are congratulating Bide-Harris on the “win”. much of it from republicans all because trump did not go for “the win”.

I question how many Trumpers walked into the booth, thought about the lack of “winning” and pulled the Biden lever. Where was the lopsided Trump landslide of votes ?

Swamp? It really is more like a backed up septic drainfield, stinky and infected, the coliforms having identities, and the blockage began in 1963 with Kennedy’s assasination. Supported by the media (who propagandized and lied all the way through from 1961 Laos Cambodia, Viet Nam until this evenings newscasts, this “swamp” needs to be filled with bleach and pumped out.

From the Kennedy assasination, through 50 years of deals and lies leading up to to Russiagate and the now hidden Huntergate, Trump knows "who" setup George Papadopoulos and why. He knows about the Steele Dossier. Trump knows all the Deep State’s secrets and who the dirty swamp creatures are, If he truly were a patriot he would out the facts on Hillary’s emails and the related alleged FBI cover-up, the Benghazi and more, and undermine the upcoming deal the Dems intend to make with Ghislaine Maxwell in order to protect the swamps powerful interests, Trump should also release all the documents, unredacted, on the John F. Kennedy assassination, showing that elements within Langley’s unconstitutional Criminal Intelligence Agency (CIA) were involved, and that the assassination was not just the work of a “lone nut” under Russian influence, it was the swamp.

Now, the latest guess is that