OTIUM 10.11.20

Authored on the 10th of November, 2020 7 days into the U.S. Presidential election results and seeing the Democratic rushed mail-in scheme of fraud evolve into reality.

After… now experiencing 8 months of COVID19, watching the Chinese military threaten the South China seas (plus plan for the invasion of Taiwan), wildfires and hurricanes running amok, seeing Turkey evolve back into it’s 600 year Anti-Christian Islamic (Ottoman Caliphate) Balkan Peninsula threat mode, the imminent financial disaster of Chinese imports and bankruptcies/foreclosures, and experiencing the embarrassing shit-show of a Biden acceptance speech on National TV … (wherez’ my mask ? anyone seen my mask ? I just had it... with the frantic senile senior moment of where is my mask ? “honey don’t worry about it, turn around here and wave to the people''… and the “I like babies… I like the pretty stars in the sky… wow ! aren't they beautiful ? oh… you found my mask ! I like hugging women (and smelling their hair), which way do we face now ? are we still on the stage ? did I ever find my mask ? oh, I have it on !, and fully realizing the stupidity and inability of the average American to read-comprehend and then take action (on any of the above).

I was finally forced to say out loud what Joe Biden cannot be allowed to say...

“I am old”... (after my accelerated aging rigors from 78 years of endeavors finally caught up with me during 2020, and after watching this embarrassing (soon to be a humiliated reversal) of the Harris presidency show.).

2020 is (for everyone) a year like no other, and, none of us (of any age), have experience in what 2020 “has been”...

Adding all of these 2020 events into your resume’ as a 20 year-old, is quite different than adding them in to your legacy biography as an 80 year-old, but, by having an extended time period… to reassess and contemplate is always important, and for us old folk, it is easier when you do not have the pressures of career, finances, and social rhythm to contend with (being retired, and not working or having finances, kids and pressure).

The penalty for not having an official leave-home “job” (for 20-plus years), is free-time, and time to evaluate the 60 years previous. Those who know me, are familiar with my mantra of “judging a man’s wealth by the amount of leisure time he has” … but there was always far more to that credo of mine than anyone cared to listen to, I was introduced and instructed in this Adriatic concept during my youth, it is called “otium” or “slobodno”, and it guided me… always.

America’s 20th Century (post WWll) worker design plan was to educate/train (apprentice) for 6 years, work for 40 years, retire at 65, I jump started all of tha with an apprenticeship at age 12, and a 4 year military stint, followed by a early achiever corporate career beginning at 21, then retiring at 55 with my 40 years of “work” already behind me… end result: I retired in 1998 (with the introduction of the Internet), I have since had many years to research and review my (and America’s) past, 1950 to date, spanning many generations of political, ethnic, technological and social eras of evolving change.

The morphology of everything in America 1950 to today, was an unbelievable ride, all/every aspect of what “was” in 1950 has been changed now in 2020, there are many people caught up in and locked in some time-frame era like the 60’s, 70-80-90’s, and yet, there are those who evolve with the new.

Although each of us wish to leave a legacy, a mark, of what we accomplished, stood for or built in our lifetime, in this high tech fast evolving society obsolescence rules the day, hence, anything you excelled in or achieved will not be a long standing or remembered accomplishment, perhaps bridges and some buildings, even mass murderers and evil people outlast everything.

Personally, like most people, I too, had many global or world first accomplishments under my belt during my career, but, none ever stood for very long, as time marches on, designs, and building industrial plants, houses, boats, planes and projects of all sorts are “valid” for a mere 20 years or so, then pffft !

So too are most items in society, as we constantly evolve our morals, religions, ethnic purity, language, and social mores, in retrospect… this entire March 2020-to-date time period has been a stay at home, away from people,lock-down mode of “SELF”.

Like being locked away in an Afgani cave, stuck in a fire tower with no ladder, or demasted at sea in the doldrums, 2020 has been a true time for otium

I have as a result rethought the mousetrap, and can say that everything I have done in life has been unrecognized and meaningless, I am unknown, unaccomplished, and unappreciated… nothing is of merit or remembrance, and has added nothing to the world in which I live... It has all been for null.

So, I am restructuring it all, this effort will now hope to educate those coming behind me who might be early achievers, or have thoughts of worth, and value, by trying to handspring themselves to a higher station, do not press it… it goes nowhere. I spent my kindergarten years on asking old timers about their experiences, their lessons to pass on, and their advice, I learned, studied, was far (FAR) to over studied, over researching, and overly aware of the reachable goal dangling in front of me, I never lost the focus or the belief. I always shared, taught, and helped guide others while making the climb, then lost it all numerous times and restarted, I morphed the plan, redesigned to the changing times, and ended up on top of every endeavor.

I spent a lifetime bitterly chastising those who are natively unskilled, unobservant, unaware, complacent, have no “vision”, and who over spent while becoming over-educated yet still lack knowledge and experience in their chosen discipline to ever compete… for me, nothing has ever been worse than the wall hung diplom kid who has no clue what his job “is”... they clog the system, yet have insider contacts allowing promotion, praise, and usurping of the legacy,

Wanted: women EXPERIENCED in thrift store SHOPPING, MUST BE ADEPT AT maximizing …. anything you can stuff into a bag for $2.00 sales events, ... needed for Biden ballot box work.

You are not “president-elect” until the electoral college meets and confirms your victory.

Among other things, if he wins, Biden intends to rejoin the disastrous Paris climate accords, rejoin the World Health Organization, repeal President Trump’s ban on immigration from countries that try to sneak terrorists into our country, and reinstate the DREAMER program.

So, good news… If Biden wins, prepare yourselves for a cold war with China (or worse), higher gas prices, Islamic terrorism, and caravans of illegals aliens… a financial disaster, and a new America, redesigned top to bottom, because of COVID, Democratic Socialism, the need to learn Mandarin and Spanish as a first language, an over reactive revenge for Trump politics, and a busto economy. (and that is if things go great... once Biden turns the reins over to Harris, lookout).

So, OTIUM it is, and the validation for ALL4NULL to start itself up and replace the other web endeavors, hide out, write, and relax.