In the world of null, knowledge, education, experience, vision, ethics, morality and winning have no place ...

Because complacency, obsolescence, dismissal and losing is easier, cheaper, and more repeatable, in the end, everything fails, dies or becomes obsolete, so, there is no purpose of thinking, saying or doing anything ...

... "it is all for null"




On my other web site, and on my old podcast (the AL4NULLpodcast will begin hopefully next week) I have been talking invasively about COVID19 since November of 2019... no one reads me or listens to me, so I shut up... but, every so often I continue to see something like this mornings Wall Street Journal article ("How are people getting sick ?"), and I am triggered into doing a repeat of those earlier rants on the virus, fake news, government propaganda and the idiots we today call supposed "Scientists".

Back in November 2019 we reported on the "contained" virus in a military laboratory in Whuhan China getting out onto the street at a meat market that was handling and buying lab animals used for testing, to resell as foodstuff... the animals were supposed to be incinerated, but instead had become a source of income when smuggled out and sold... the virus had been circulating within the market and its patrons for all of September and October before the outbreak was large enough to be identified by the Chinese health authorities.

The laboratory was identified quickly, but the virus had already been released... it began to impact the factory workers, shipping industry and commerce of Whuhan almost instanty due to the scale of infection, by mid-November all of Whuhan was closed down and quarantined, export shipping went to zero and alerted US companies to " problems in production" so, in December 2019 American investors and companies began sending in representatives to find out "why".

The lockdown stopped access at the Counties perimeter, but a few American representatives found a way in and viewed closed shipping docks and entire factories empty, vacant, and shut down due to quarantne. It is suspected that these returning illegal (exposed) representatives were the carriers of the virus to the outside world as they traveled back to America. and Europe. By mid to late January it all began...

My state got its first few cases in the last days of February, so in March 2020, I began writing 8 or 10 articles on Virus and specifically the Covid19 strain, those many thousands of words are summated here... I began with a required reading of this Wikipedia article on plagues (showing that we have ample knowledge and insight to these things), I pushed hard on history of the US Military-induced-to-the-world Spanish flu plague from returning soldiers in 1919-20, and tried to make the point that we also knew even more about "Germ and Viral warfare" from WW2 as well... so by the 1952 Korean War, the US Military had created training films on Viral/Germ warfare that were mandatory schooling for all. Remember... this is 1952 !).

My microscope and microbe intense childhood allowed me to stay awake and actually "watch" that mono-toned 1/2 hour film more than once when I was in the service in 1960's, I remember it well ! It is a shame the WHO and the CDC never saw those films... only the Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, and a few University research Centers (all around the world) ever saw that film... (apparently), because NO ONE knows today, about virus at all.... hence, todays article in the Wall Street Journal (12 full months into the COVID19 pandemic), it is sad how the scramble to save the economy, an intentional dry up of anti-viral supplies, the requirement for lies, mis-information, and total lack of knowledge by supposed "Scientists/Doctors" have all combined to end so many lives.

And today they ask... "How are people getting sick ?"

COVID19 is too small (at 0.001 micron-size) to be caught in a mask... any mask... 0.003-4 micron is a 095 surgical mask capture size, so masks only slow the spread distance and prevent slobber, sputem and "big" stuff fron moving in-out. COVID19 is an aerosol that floats freely for many feet (20-30) before dropping to a surface, air filters cannot catch it , but can and do circulate it (sometimes far beyond the 20-30 foot range) like in a restaraunt, store, or enclosed room of any kind... the outdoor air can also do the same if the sources of aerosol are great (like a public protest, football stadium, church, on and on) they can be seen as a "cloud" overhead of these events... visualize the cloud like cigarette smoke.

The virus "lives" for varied time spans 15 minutes to hours, it is absorbed into our bodies by "contact" on your skin, hair, and especially on moist surfaces (nose, eyes, mouth), for this reason a proper Haz-Mat suit has goggles, gloves, and a fully covered skin area, plus.... a canister breathng apparatus (not a mask !).

In 2020, you were never instructed (like in the 1952 Army movie), to wear gloves (because they are currently unavailable), you instead, were told to wash your hands frequently, and to not touch your face or eyes (absorbed through the skin and wet eyes), with the virus dropping and contaminating the floor, and all the room contents, (chairs, counters, eating utensils, door knobs, even clothes) so, you were told to wash often (instead of using gloves).. no need to use disinfecting wipes... because none are available !.

Myself... I view a restaraunt, concert hall, supermarket like a book library, full of contaminated virus laden everythings... anything you touch has microbial life on it, ... so, lets tell the public ..."do not touch your face and wash your hands regularly and wear a mask ! that will save you from COVID19".

Having worked in the catering/food industry, I STRONGLY believe food contamination from airborne virus, and contaminated eating utensils, and the food service handlers are the source of infection the Wall Street Journal is asking about... , and are the major source, of viral spread, since take-out foods are below 165 degrees and exposed to airborne contaminated containers, and exposure from handling by maskless workers handling money then your food, then, Reutersb ran this story today.... China and Singapore both found the coronavirus on beef and tripe packaging, and on the meat itself from Brazil, Bolivia and New Zealand, Reuters reported. The virus was also found on the packaging and in the meat of imported pork from Argentina.

For some odd reason the Food industry is sooo powerful they have influenced every state and our government to allow take-out.

Since preventing a public panic was always JOB ONE here in America, our not talking about "why" no wipes, gloves, or goggles are availiable, the virus being both airborne and contact.... we just decided to rewrite the script.... and add in, "do not... close the restaraunts !" wearing a mask is all you need, and all will be fine.

PS: Being anti-social, "I" wear a mask anytime away from base (25-30% effective ?), I "never" go indoors for anythng or anyone, NEVER eat out, and I always wear glasses... never touch any surfaces and disinfect al that comes into my realm (groceries,etc), not only to protect myself, but out of respect for others, without gloves (unavailable) I guess at 75-80 % protection level. Read... and think about thse CDC sdvisals for turkey day.

But if you do plan a gathering on Thursday, the CDC updated its recommendations:

If having guests to your home, be sure that people follow the steps that everyone can take to make Thanksgiving safer. These steps include:

  • Have a small outdoor meal with family and friends who live in your community.

  • Limit the number of guests.

  • Have conversations with guests ahead of time to set expectations for celebrating together.

  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and items between use.

  • If celebrating indoors, bring in fresh air by opening windows and doors, if possible. You can use a window fan in one of the open windows to blow air out of the window. This will pull fresh air in through the other open windows.

  • Limit the number of people in food preparation areas.

  • Have guests bring their own food and drink.

  • If sharing food, have one person serve food and use single-use options, like plastic utensils.

You can cure COVID, but, you "cannot" cure stupidity.